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i cannot.




Okay, I’m having a moment. Let me have a minute to get over this video. Shit I mean … This nearly killed me. I often type into my tags that I’m crying but this time I really mean it. Hp has been over for a year now and I still think that it’s the best damn thing that ever happened to me. And it will never truly end for me. Because I’m sitting here crying over these characters, over this fantastic series which gave me so much. Harry Potter was the first book I’ve ever read and it changed me. I guess I’ll never find the right words to explain my love for these books and movies … But I just wanna say one thing: Joanne K. Rowling … THANK YOU SO, I OWE YOU SO MUCH. Just thank you FOR MAKING MY CHILDHOOD A BETTER AND MAGICAL TIME.

literally sobbing right now oh my god what has this done to me aslfkdjlawjefjw MY HEART

I cry like a bitch for a 20year old man. 

I will never not cry at this but JESUS FUCK IT’S EVEN WORSE RIGHT NOW

HP has been in my life since I was 8. I’m turning 22 this year.
This video made me emotional … But where Dumbledore tells Harry that he’s not alone.. It sums it up for me. I got my first real friends through a HP forum, met them IRL in HP meetups for many years. HP truly changed my life, and Rowling is, as Harry, a hero. There aren’t words enough to explain, really. It’s just so … I have to watch this again.


Wow, I got chills watching this video… (and maybe cried a little :D

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